What are the orange and green lights on the iPhone bar?


Among the many new features present in iOS 14, many people are wondering what the green and orange lights that appear at the top of the iPhone screen are for. Apple’s idea is to show the user when the camera and microphone are working.

Orange light

When the orange dot appears (top right), it means that your iPhone has the microphone function activated. This way, it will be possible to know that some application is using your device’s mic. In previous versions, it was only possible to know that the device recorded when the application appeared in the background.

Green light

When the green light appears, it means that your device has activated the camera function or the iPhone camera and microphone – either to take a photo, or to record a video. It is worth mentioning that when this option is in operation, the orange light will not appear.

With the presence of orange and green lights, the user will have control of what happens with the cell phone and the certainty of which application uses the microphone and the camera without their consent.

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