What are the next targets in Bitcoin?



Bitcoin: BTC / USD

Harmonic BAT Pattern formation is about to be completed in our 4-hour chart. If our price movement rises to the level of 11827, the Harmonic Pattern is completed and selling pressure may come. At the same time, on our hourly chart, our price movement, which is in the formation of the OBO Formation, may retreat to 10982 and 10789 levels with the breakdown of 11280, the level of the neckline. If the OBO pattern is broken and a price movement occurs above 11547, we can see an increase up to 11827, which is the Harmonic BAT Pattern level.

Supports: 11280 and 10982
Resistors: 11547 and 11827

Ethereum: ETH / USD

Continuing the price movement within the Rectangular Formation on our 4-hour chart, ETH completed the Harmonic GARTLEY Pattern and AB = CD Formation formation at the top of the pattern. On our hourly chart, the sales pressure is seen with bulky candles. If the 373 level breaks and the candle closes below, a decline can be seen to the levels 363.75 and 354.20. If the candle closes above the Rectangular Formation, the height of our formation can be seen up to 450.

Supports: 373, 363 and 354
Resistors: 387 and 400

Litecoin: LTC / USD

With the breakdown of the Ending Channel formation on our 4-hour chart, the level of 53.93 should be set as the target. On our hourly chart, the price is in the OBO formation formation in the strong resistance zone. If the neckline of the pattern breaks down and the candle closes below it, a retracement to 47.50 and 46.43 can be seen. These levels can also be considered as buying opportunities as they are the levels where the 4-hour Ending Channel formation will be tested again with a throw back.

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Supports: 48.80, 47.50 and 46.43
Resistors: 51, 52.50 and 53.93

Ripple: XRP / USD

On our 4-hour chart, 0.28000 levels were set as a target in the medium term, with the Ending Channel formation breaking and closing the candle. On our hourly chart, the price movement continues in the Ascending Triangle formation. A retracement to 0.24216 and 0.23905 can be seen with the candle closing below the support level by breaking. These levels can be considered as a buying opportunity as they are the test levels of the 4-hour Ending Channel formation with the throw back again.

Supports: 0.24500, 0.24216 and 0.23905
Resistors: 0.25338, 0.25687 and 0.26076


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