What are the most viewed ads on YouTube?


In Spain, it is still a trend to use YouTube, however the enormous lines of advertising flood users with despair.

It is clear that the content that is uploaded to the YouTube video platform, as well as the consumption data and the searches carried out by users, are a reflection of what happens in reality and help us to understand a little better certain behaviors of the human being, but in Spain despair begins due to the excess of advertising on the platform.

According to the data collected from Think with Google who prepare the monthly leaderboard ads, a ranking with the most viewed and shared ads by users each month are the following:

The brands that reached the podium in September are the most varied. LaLiga Santander has been joined by banks such as Bankinter and BBVA with campaigns that give goose bumps, invite reflection and attack feelings from the stomach. More practical is the Garnier campaign and Cabify is very fun and visual. All, in their own way, will surprise you and, if you have not seen them, it is worth spending a few minutes of your life to enjoy them.

For example, in less than two weeks before the US election, some political campaigns face an unexpected hurdle on YouTube, the largest video site on the Internet: there is not enough space to run their ads.

So the campaigns have flooded YouTube with commercials looking for voters they may not be reaching on television. Yet despite its nearly endless supply of video clips, YouTube has been struggling to get these ads in front of the intended audience, Bloomberg News says.

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