What are the measurements of GOT7?


The GOT7 members will surprise you when you know their weight and height. Throughout their careers, the boys of GOT7 have traded positions when talking about who is taller than others, especially since this group’s maknae line from JYP Entertainment debuted at a young age and since then, all of them they have changed quite a bit.

More than six years have passed since the debut of these idols on January 16, 2014, so each of the boys who make up GOT7 has undergone changes in their look and they have also continued their growth.

In addition, because GOT7 has members of various nationalities, the genes of these boys give them different traits, some of them also influence their complexion and height.

Find out what are the measurements of the height and weight of these K-Pop idols and tell us how much difference there is between you and your group bias.


The leader of this idol group is 1.79m tall, one of the tallest in GOT7. Furthermore, Jaebeom weighs approximately 66 kg.


Mark is the oldest member in GOT7 and although he was also one of the tallest before, with the rest of his peers growing up he has now lost that position. This idol is 1.75m tall and weighs approximately 59kg.


Although next to his fellow Jackson he may not look so tall, this Chinese-born idol is not short at all. Wang Jier is 1.74m tall and weighs approximately 63kg, however, because Jackson takes great care of his diet, we often see him even thinner than usual.

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Jinyoung is another member of the hyung line that remains in the top of the tallest members, the actor is also 1.78m tall and his approximate weight is 63 kg.


Youngjae is one of the main vocalists of GOT7, this idol is 1.77m tall and weighs 64kg, but like Jackson he watches over his diet when the group is about to release a new song and frequently shows an even slimmer image of the girl. that he usually owns.


BamBam used to be the shortest GOT7 member, but that was largely because he debuted when he was still very young. Now, BamBam is 1.77m tall, passing several of his teammates. This idol of Thai origin weighs 56kg, but has started doing a lot of exercise to increase his body mass.


Lastly, GOT7’s maknae is also the tallest of the group’s members. Yugyeom is 1.82m tall and also weighs 64kg.


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