What are the limits of Michelle and Gigi’s VIP status on Temptation Island?


What would Michel Dano and Luigi Birofio not forgive each other? The two reality TV stars have a stormy relationship, and they have already gone through many television formats together – sometimes separately, sometimes in pairs. Due to serious trust issues, two VIP clients of Temptation Island V.I.P. as a last resort to save their relationship: if they pass the final loyalty test, their love has a future. What restrictions did Michelle and Gigi set for this? They told Promiflash about it.

Michelle says in an interview with Promiflash that she and Gigi have not set any real limits. “Because, in principle, it should be clear what you don’t want to see from your partner,” the blonde explains, adding that her pain threshold is not particularly high: “Because I go crazy very quickly when I see little things from Gigi that remember the big mistakes he made in the past.”. An emotional attachment to a seductress would be much worse for her than a physical one.

For Gigi, both would be equally bad — he would not forgive either physical or emotional relationships. The thought that he could not resist the temptation does not bother him: “I had no doubts before participating. For a person who always gets confirmation outside of the show, time should be easy.” On the other hand, for a person who doesn’t get a lot of attention in everyday life and suddenly gets it in the country, the experiment is actually a great temptation.


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