What Are The Cursed Video Games: Part 2


Games that came out or offered strange elements, which marked the future of its success. You love to know new things. At Meristation we know it, and precisely for that reason, if you missed our first installment on cursed video games, here we bring you a second part in which we review the most murky situations, legends of fantasies expanded by the power of the Internet about curious situations and something disturbing of which we will never know the reality of the whole. And they are not always related to horror games.

The age-old tradition of telling stories around a campfire has been digitally updated with creepypasta legends: scary stories that spread across online forums, turning into credible (or not) Internet stories, which are discussed so much within the virtual environment, as outside of this one. This time we bring you a new compilation of alleged legends and cursed myths directly related to some video games, and yes, we already told you that in some cases they are more surprising than they seem at first glance.

Mr. Mix

Do you remember a 90’s PC game called Mr. Mix? In this we had to test our typing by quickly typing the words that appeared on the screen so that our protagonist and cook, Mr. Mix, added all the necessary ingredients in a pot. What appeared to be a children’s game apparently hid other intentions beyond entertaining. Mr. Mix was a friendly cook with a round face and rosy cheeks with a haunting, disturbing smile that held a pot throughout the game. For each ingredient you needed, we would see a drawing of it together with the word that we had to write in a time frame. If we managed to write all the ingredients on time, we advanced to the next level. Despite looking like a simple game, it turned out to be the opposite, since unlike many typing games of the time, Mr. Mix was so difficult that no player could reach level 6. Each level had a requirement of words per minute. , being the first level of 10 words, until reaching level 5, which required about 500 words. In addition to its particular difficulty, the game was also known for other reasons. The title of innocent appearance and simple mechanics, made a somewhat curious use of sound, and surely many of its players will still remember today. His particular palette of wailing sounds, growling louder and louder humming forced his players to quickly turn down the volume at certain points in the game in a puzzling way. Although in fact, the legend of Mr. Mix began years later, when the game fell into absolute oblivion.

Recently, a group of computer scientists took the copy of the game CD to hack its code and discover that it was beyond the impossible level 6. When they discovered what was behind the level, the technicians cursed their curiosity. When they managed to unlock level 6, the title locked and it started transferring a large number of files to their computers. The title had a protection system to prevent access to the secret part of it, once it was passed to level 6. They allegedly found many highly sensitive in-game encrypted images that they refused to speak about later. Legend has it that even hackers never mentioned what they saw in the game, and that they suffered from severe post-traumatic stress. Some time later, one of Mr. Mix’s hackers was accused of an attempted kidnapping of an 8-year-old girl in a United States supermarket. Her legend became popular with the hacker’s reaction when he was detained by the police, when he said: “You can’t stop me, I’m Mr. Mix.” This legend about Mr. Mix gave rise to his own phenomenon “creepypasta”, being one of the main protagonists of the darkest stories of the video game on the Internet and that due to this popularity in 2014, a new adaptation of the original game of the Castelinan Games studio.

Second life

Second life seemed a priori a very interesting proposal. A title developed by Linden Lab in 2003 that promised a multiplayer experience in our own virtual world. Sounds good doesn’t it? In this case we bring you one of the most controversial and murky legends that has splashed the news of online video games.

Imagine creating your own virtual world, your own home and being able to do whatever you want. In Second Life all this and much more is possible. In fact, freedom is so extensive in the game that it even reaches some limits. With millions of online users, the title soon grew its own dark side for people with dark fetishes and various perversions. And it is that far from creating a paradisiacal environment, this game is known for the murky scenes that we will find created by its own community. We will find places to socialize and explore, but also secret or traffic areas to exchange images. They assure that supposedly in Second Life it is safer to transmit information or files than in the deep web itself. Each user has a private image bank in his account so we can send and receive files directly from our departure. The game precisely has quite a bad reputation for its alleged clans dedicated to traffic in highly sensitive artwork. Not only that, but many users who start from scratch are chased on the map by other characters just to find out their intentions and encourage new players to leave the game.

In the title we can find both colorful and peaceful maps, as well as other quite different scenarios. Murder simulations, murky scenes, illicit artwork, and ultimately, unreliable users in the game. If we thought that after so long after its launch the game would be inactive, we are very wrong. Despite all the controversy that Second Life has always brought, the supervision of authorities on the game remains minimal. Precisely the online title is more active than ever and that in fact, is the most curious.


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