What are the benefits of African black soap?


Native to Nigeria, African black soap is made from coal ash that has proven benefits for the health of the wearer’s skin. Here we talk about 4 of these benefits.

Delays premature aging of the skin

An entry on the Periodista Digital portal indicates that African black soap contains antioxidants that are substances that help us in the fight against free radicals, and that they seek to restore the electron they have lost by stealing theirs from other molecules.

The action of free radicals promotes cellular oxidation, premature aging, and the appearance of some diseases, so the influence of African black soap can be useful to keep your skin young for longer.

Improves skin tone

African black soap firms skin and tones sagging skin, making it more supple and luminous, freeing you from relying on expensive medications or treatments to restore shine and suppleness.

Helps against acne, psoriasis and eczema

African black soap exerts an antiseptic effect that makes it useful against the symptoms of acne skin or blackheads. Also, African black soap helps in the decrease of psoriasis and eczema.


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