What are the arguments in favor of Proposition 22?


Rodolfo Valdivia has been an Uber driver for more than four years and assures that he enjoys working as an independent driver since he has the freedom to decide how many hours he works during the day and in what time he works.

He is one of those who are in favor of Proposition 22, which will be put to a vote this November 3. Given this, this worker who advocates the flexibility of time allowed by his job, asks California voters to vote “Yes.”

“I was an electrician and I started driving part time for Uber to make some extra money,” says Rodolfo, who is a single father.

Over the months, he realized that flexibility at work was very important to be able to accommodate schedules and spend the necessary time with his 11-year-old daughter. Thus, he chose to quit his job as an electrician and took up ridesharing work for Uber, Lyft and Uber Eats.

During an interview with La Opinion, he said that now due to his flexible working hours, he sees more of his daughter, something that – he indicates – he could not do if he were in a regular job from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m .; and that also receives the necessary income.

There are an estimated 1 million Californians working in ridesharing or delivery services each year, said Geoff Vetter, spokesman for the Yes on Proposition 23 campaign.

“But studies show that if there were an employment model, it would only take around 100,000 drivers, so around 900,000 Californians would miss out on doing ridesharing and delivery work,” he said.

Supporters of the measure said that California passed AB 5 in 2019, threatening to make it illegal for app-based drivers to be self-employed.

The law requires that they be considered employees and with it, they are offered the benefits that they imply: sick days, medical insurance, vacations, among others.

Rodolfo assures that he does not need any of that since he takes care of obtaining them on his own account since he considers his salary much better than when he was an electrician.


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