What are the accessories for Apple iPhone 12?


Apple has unveiled its new iPhone 12 models, which feature 5G signal reception and the newest iteration of proprietary Magsafe technology – previously present only on the brand’s notebooks. The new version of this functionality will allow for charging twice as fast for the new cell phones and also the possibility to equip several types of accessories on your body, magnetically.

One of the main news is that users of the new iPhone 12 will be able to enjoy wireless charging of up to 15W with the new MagSafe charger, twice as fast as the model found on the iPhone 11. This speed is possible due to the new system implemented on the device, which has different layers to improve its load conduction.

The new features don’t end there: Apple announced that Magsafe will also support external accessories for iPhones, such as a dockable wallet, a Duo charger for simultaneous recharging of the battery with the Apple Watch – both brand owners -, among other external devices , as a magnetic support for cars, facilitating the handling of the cell phone while traveling.

The accessories will connect magnetically to the back of the device, similar to its version for the Macbook Pro – which was limited, however, only to the charger input. The technology will also allow the use of third-party chargers and devices, but limited to the 7.5W found in the predecessor models.

Return awaited by fans

Discontinued in 2016, Magsafe technology was introduced 14 years ago and was present only on Apple notebooks. It had the initial objective of making it easier to fit the device’s power cable and, mainly, to avoid physical damage to both your body and the device, caused by sudden withdrawals or accidents.

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