What are Spotify pre-sale codes and how do I get them?


Music lovers and concert goers who are devoted fans of bands and artists often require pre-sale codes to get good seats at their shows, and there’s a Spotify feature that gives users just that. The opportunity to get the first tickets to premium concerts and other privileges exclusive to their favorite musical groups is a privilege for any devoted fan. The fact that Spotify provides fans with this opportunity to gain an advantage only enhances the platform’s status as a universal music streaming service.

Spotify has a whole arsenal of incredibly useful features that make it one of the most popular audio playback apps on both Google Play and the App Store. Podcasts have become much easier to watch thanks to the added speed control button that appears on the Spotify playback panel whenever users play a release. Users who like to listen to audio content to help themselves fall asleep can also use the player’s built-in sleep timer function to ensure that playback ends at the specified time. The ability to receive valuable pre—sale codes for their most popular Spotify artist shows is not just a feature that live music fans really want, but also an opportunity to increase the amount of music streaming on the platform.

A pre—sale code is a string of characters — usually a word that has meaning for a particular artist or his followers, often followed by the date or year of the show in question —that opens part of the concert ticket purchase page that is otherwise unavailable before they officially go on sale. It’s a way for super fans to essentially buy tickets and get access to live performances before random subscribers can get their own. Spotify sends so-called “Fan First” emails to users who are the main fans of a music artist or band, depending on their listening activity and streaming frequency. Those who subscribe to the artist’s official Spotify page can also receive these messages. Users will have to select this feature to start receiving “Fan First” emails and make sure Spotify has the most up-to-date user email address associated with their accounts.

How to Enable Spotify “Fan First” Emails

To make sure that the ability to receive pre-sale codes via email is enabled, users need to go to the notifications page of their Spotify account. If the user is accessing Spotify via a desktop computer, open a web browser, go to the Spotify account page and log in. Go to “Notification Settings” and in the “Spotify Updates” section, check the boxes next to “Spotify News and Offers”. Do the same for “Artist Updates” in the “Your Music” section. Users can choose to receive emails, push notifications to their mobile devices on which Spotify is installed, or both. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to complete the change. A green message “Notifications saved” should appear at the top of the page.

To enable this feature on your mobile device, launch the Spotify app and tap Settings (gear icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen. Tap Notifications and select Spotify News and Offers and Artist Updates to start accessing special features such as news, promotions, events and other updates related to the music artists the user follows or listens to the most. Switch the “Push” or “Email” switch (or both) to the enabled position for both types of notifications.

Those who receive Spotify “Fan First” emails can not only get access to pre-sale tickets for upcoming concerts, but also invitations to special artist events and access to exclusive artist merchandise that may not be available in other ways. However, it is important to note that only ticket companies can really help with problems such as broken pre-sale codes, cancellations and refunds, as well as requests for delivery. Spotify does not directly purchase pre-sale tickets or exclusive offers, so in case of any problems, you may need to contact the concert organizers or the company selling tickets or products for artists.


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