What are Metaverse Land Buying Sites?


Since metaverse projects have become popular, plots sold in metaverses have also attracted great interest. At this point, it is seen that especially those who are inexperienced in the field have difficulties in purchasing land. So, what are the platforms where we can buy metaverse plots?

Platforms with Metaverse Lands

First of all, it is worth remembering that metaverse plots are NFTs. Therefore, when you buy a plot in the metaverse, you actually buy an NFT. For these reasons, if you want to buy a digital plot, it may be helpful to research NFTs first.

Let’s come to the platforms where you can buy metaverse plots:


The Sandbox

Somnium Space

Axie Infinity



This list could of course be extended, and real-world replica metaverse projects that have become popular lately could also be included. However, metaverse projects that work as real world replicas do not actually reflect the true metaverse spirit, according to many.

Prices of Digital Lands

Prices of digital plots; may vary depending on both the metaverse project and the area they are involved in the project. For example, according to recent studies, the land called Fashion Street Estate in Decentraland was sold for 618,000 MANA. This plot found buyers at the end of November and its value rose to over $3.5 million. After the withdrawals in the market, the land price is estimated to be approximately 1.8 million dollars.

Of course, not every land is that expensive, and as the platform’s awareness decreases, it seems that the prices of the plots have decreased to more reasonable levels.