What are differences between Vikings: The Last Kingdom?


Vikings VS The Last Kingdom: Which Historical Drama Is Right For You? We take stock of the two cult series of the moment for you!

Are you a fan of drama and story series? The Last Kingdom and Vikings are similar series in many ways, but still different!

Narration, relationships, historical accuracy, …

Vikings and The Last Kingdom are the two hottest Viking dramas at the moment! And for good reason…
You hesitate between the two cult series? If you are interested in a show that truly captures the traveling spirit of the Norsemen, then Vikings is the series for you! He never compromises on the importance of maritime civilization.
But that’s not all ! Vikings is more philosophical and mystical in nature! It allows you to walk around as a character in the series.

But if you’re not a fan of slow burn and want the series to continue, The Last Kingdom will give you just that! And yes, it’s fast!

In addition, there are a lot more shock characters than in Vikings! Either way, both are great shows with a few things in common. It really depends on how fast you want your historical dramas to unfold.

Still hesitating? Zoom in on the two series to help you choose which one is really right for you! To your pencils!


The Vikings series takes place around the 8th and 9th centuries! The series thus tells the story of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons.

On the web, fans say Vikings is a more historically accurate story than The Last Kingdom … But that’s not necessarily true. Although it includes real historical figures like King Aethelwulf and King Alfred, these are set in fictional scenarios!

However, Vikings presents a more accurate version of Viking society! It also explores the philosophical impact that religion has had on culture!

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Vikings also takes great pleasure in developing his characters. Besides, the first few seasons had compelling storylines to allow for this kind of slow but not boring development …

In the series, most of the heroes are nice! There is no particular quest for glory. It depicts a group of people doing what they know how to do, to have a chance for a better future!

But that’s not all ! The fight scenes are bloody! Unsurprisingly, they have therefore often been compared to that of the Game of Thrones series!


The Last Kingdom, meanwhile, is based on The Saxon Stories of Bernard Cornwell’s novels! So that makes it a tighter plot with stories that get straight to the point!

Indeed, this Viking drama establishes its characters pretty quickly and moves at breakneck speed! In fact, The Last Kingdom runs through two story books in Season 1 alone! Shock!

So fans don’t spend a lot of time with the important characters! He of course has exceptions like with Utthred, King Alfred and Queen Ælswith!

But one of the best things about The Last Kingdom is that its fight scenes are quite complex! The author does indeed give a very detailed account of how these battles were fought! This is one of the most accurate things in the history of the series!

The series also has some really menacing villains compared to Vikings! The Last Kingdom has many dynamic characters. Skorpa, Skade, Bloodhair, and even Brida are all complex characters who have left a strong impression on viewers. »Confides a fan.

Another aspect of the series that wins over the Vikings is the relationship between its main characters, Utthred and King Alfred. Their contentious relationship is one of the most compelling aspects of the show and trumps all relationships in The Last Kingdom!


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