What are angelic portals and what are they for?


According to spiritual beliefs, angels are next to us and the reason we cannot see them is because they inhabit dimensions that only they have access to. However, we can contact them through simple techniques and to achieve a deeper connection there are specific times when it is easier for our request to be heard.

What is an angelic portal?

As its name implies, it is a door through which angels are invited so that their energy flows throughout the home, according to the online site The House of Angels. When an angelic portal is open, all the people inside the house are benefited by the angelic energy.

Thus, these heavenly doors are ideal when you will have a family reunion at home and we want everything to go perfectly.

What are the hours of the angelic portals?

The angelic times are times when these dimensions can be more easily accessed to make a wish. Any time is the ideal time to invite the angels, but not all are ideal to work with these beings of light, explains the Digeon site.

The mirror hours are the most accurate for the portals, that is, when the hour and the minutes mark the same digit, for example, 01:01 or 11:11; the last time to open a portal is at 17:17 and from there the first time to open is at 01:01.

How to open an angelic portal

The first step is to have a sacred place that can be the altar where we usually have our religious images or esoteric objects, then we have to present the four elements as follows: incense (representing air), quartz or stones (to symbolize the earth), a bowl of water (representing that element) and two candles (which symbolize fire). On the altar we must place the image of an angel to represent angelic energy and add fresh flowers.

Place the candles one side of the other and in the center of them the rest of the elements. Stand in front of the altar, close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. Breathe deeply until you feel inner peace. Make the request that you have to the angels and invite them to come to your home so that their energy fills it with harmony. Light the candles and incense, at that moment, the portal will be activated.


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