What Anya Taylor-Joy Thinks Viewers Should Do Right After Watching Her Horror Movie


The horror genre has flourished for a number of years, and the renaissance has brought great success to both returning and new objects. During this time, actress Anya Taylor-Joy has become something of a scream queen thanks to her performances in such projects as “The Witch”, “Split” and “New Mutants”. She returned to horror again in the new film “Menu” directed by Mark Maylod from “Heritage”. And the Queen’s Gambit actress told CinemaBlend what, in her opinion, viewers should do immediately after viewing the “Menu”.

“Menu” is a dark horror comedy set in an exclusive five—star restaurant on a secluded island. Rafe Fiennes’ chef Slowik is the man behind the kitchen, and things quickly start to go awry when various dishes are served. As you can see in the video above, I had the honor of talking to the cast before the film’s release, where I asked them about all the mouthwatering dishes we saw throughout its lively 106-minute run. Anya Taylor-Joy leads the ensemble in the role of the main character Margot, and she told me that she hopes that the film will cause a certain reaction from the audience, saying:

I’m saying this movie should be a snack. People should go and eat after watching this movie because you will be hungry regardless of whether you have eaten or not.

Personally, that’s exactly what I did. When I saw the screening of “Menu” at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, I almost immediately went for a cheeseburger. There’s a scene in the movie where a particularly appetizing-looking burger is cooked to perfection, and between that and the rest of the food in the movie, I was starving by the end of watching. And that’s saying something, considering that some horror movies are known to make people sick.

Anya Taylor-Joy on The Menu, Horror Movies | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Given that the action of the “Menu” takes place in a place that charges thousands of dollars per person, the food presented should look correspondingly delicious. Each dish is given a gorgeous glamorous shot, which was worked on by none other than David Gelb, the creator of Chef’s Table. Actor Nicholas Hoult plays gourmet Tyler in the new horror movie, and he talked about how the food itself was shown. As the X-Men alum told me:

They’re the stars of the show. And it was beautifully designed from the point of view of the script, and each course was a separate chapter of the story. Another disclosure of Chef Slovik’s plan for all these guests during the evening. […] The food was the real star of the show, and I had to eat a lot of it.

Glamorous shots of food in the “Menu” are also accompanied by a title page, which gradually becomes more absurd as the time of the film’s screening goes by. It’s a great framing device that helps keep up the pace of Mark Maylod’s comedy horror movie. And, as Anya Taylor-Joy says, it is quite possible that moviegoers, seeing this, will run to the nearest restaurant. I know what I did.

The menu is already in cinemas, check out the reviews. Be sure to check out the release dates of the films in 2022 to plan your next movie. There are several more upcoming horror films coming out before the New Year, although they may not make you as hungry as this latest black comedy.


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