What a wonderful sun: she’s dying to get Florent back!


In the series “Un si grand soleil”, Sabine does not manage to detach herself from Florent. Still in love, she will do everything to get him back.

This Tuesday, November 9, France 2 broadcasts a new episode of the series Un si grand soleil. Sabine will be ready to do anything to get Florent back!

The feelings do not dissipate in a single instant. Only time can heal a hurt heart. But we have to believe that Sabine is not ready to turn the page on her love affair.

The pretty brunette still seems to be in love with her ex-husband, Florent. Problem, the advocate of the soap opera Such a great sun is no longer a heart to take.

However, her relationship is starting to flounder … That’s what the father tells Sabine, when he had arranged to meet her to talk about their son.

Indeed, Sabine thought to concentrate on the higher studies of their teenager. But Florent (Fabrice Deville) rather spoke to him about his marital troubles. Claire is unfaithful!

So his ex-wife encourages him to speak directly with the nurse. Then she emphasizes the importance of maintaining trust in a relationship.

When Sabine returns to high school, she confides in Eve. According to her, Florent’s love affairs are great news!

As she would like to get a second chance with the lawyer, Sabine does not hide her joy. If Florent and Claire were to separate, she would be the happiest.

But will his wish come true in the series Un si grand soleil? It does not appear in the latter’s plans …


Indeed, Florent would not think of his ex-wife. At the moment in the soap opera Un si grand soleil, this one seems more concerned about Doctor Maury.

So the father goes to the hut to question Victor. What does he have to tell her about Doctor Maury? But the latter only tells him good things.

It must be said that he is the person who saved his life! For her part, Claire continues her little secrecy.

She announces to Florent that she has reserved a more than romantic weekend at the Thermes de Bagnères-de-Bigorre. However, he didn’t feel like pretending and dropped the mask.

So in this new episode of Such a Big Sun, he says he knows about his affair with Joshua.


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