What a fantastic RPG from Techland can learn from Dying Light 2


With the release of Dying Light 2 in early 2022, it was a significant step forward from what it was before. After the work on Dead Island was completed, Techland took the basics of the aforementioned series and did something new in 2015. As a result, the first game in the Dying Light series appeared, and the sequel improved the first game in many ways. An advanced parkour system, an exciting battle and a smooth cycle of day and night, which radically changed the approach of players to clashes with enemies, were just the beginning. Dying Light 2 is a huge step in the right direction, and it will serve as a learning curve when the developer releases his next, more ambitious project.

In May 2022, Techland announced that it was working on a new fantasy role-playing game, which was met with great enthusiasm by fans of the genre. It seems that the action takes place in a huge open world and offers an exciting journey, so a comparison will be made with the previous works of the developer. This is both a gift and a curse, because it means that sufficient expectation can be obtained already from a simple announcement, although there are expectations associated with the company’s past successes. Dying Light 2 has set the bar high, but its shortcomings show that there is absolutely everything that can be improved.

The Dying Light movement is Monumental

While script writing and character development have always been a challenge for the series, Dying Light 2 gets one thing right from the start that other, more established developers still haven’t figured out. Dying Light 2 parkour and other means of transportation make the game very exciting, and on a map that is slightly larger than the one presented in Dying Light 2015, it is extremely important that the movement is pleasant. This is the main source of entertainment in the franchise, and battles are a secondary thought. In the company’s new fantasy role-playing game, which also uses an open world, recreating the smoothness of passing Dying Light 2 will help keep players interested.

Dying Light 2 has the same strengths as Marvel’s Spider-Man, Mirror’s Edge and Super Mario Odyssey, and its movement can make up for some of its more important and obvious flaws. This is important for a lot of games, even for future ones, such as Forspoken, but especially for those that do not prioritize the cohesion of the main campaign. In any fantasy game, world-building and writing are of paramount importance, but if Techland can make the open world enjoyable for a simple stay in it, it can be a winner.

Fantasy setting is based on knowledge

While movement is something Techland has demonstrated mastery of, decent world—building and writing is something that both Dying Light games lacked. Learning from a game means developing its strengths and fixing its problems, and the fantasy genre is so dependent on things that Techland often struggles with. So many open-world games that use a medieval setting are imbued with a well-developed and rich ent, and if the company’s newest project has any hope of competing with games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or Dragon Age, then it has a significant mountain to climb.

In truth, there are many games that are so loved precisely because of the world they create and the irresistible characters scattered around. Skyrim isn’t as fun to play as Dying Light 2, and his combat leaves a lot to be desired, but his lofty legacy is deserved thanks to his performance and the surprise that he just exists in his own world. Starting with the reinterpretation of dragons in games and ending with dense and diverse side effects, it is much more meaningful in terms of storytelling than Dying Light 2, and thanks to this, it has been a success for many years. If Techland can capture the essence of both of the aforementioned games, it could be something really special.

Dying Light 2 is a promising game, but Techland has the opportunity to achieve more. Setting up an upcoming fantasy release opens up so many opportunities and learning opportunities, and what Dying Light 2 brought to the table was a clear indication of how the company can and should evolve. So much is expected from any fantasy game due to the fact that many developers set the bar terribly high, but Techland’s previous work has demonstrated that it is ready to take on the challenge.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.