Whales Take Action in Bitcoin and Ethereum


Whales mobilize massive amounts in Bitcoin and Ethereum. As it is known, yesterday Bitcoin dropped from $ 10 thousand to $ 8 thousand 600 very quickly. At the time of writing, BTC was trading at $ 9,532.

After this movement, whale movements started to be seen. According to Whale Alert, a large whale transferred $ 139.6 million worth of BTC between 2 anonymous wallets. In total, almost $ 350 million of BTC was carried.

BTC transfers made in recent hours are as follows:

  • 3 thousand BTC were transferred from Binance to Xapo.
  • 4 thousand 400 BTC was transferred from Coinbase to an unknown wallet.
  • 3 thousand 407 BTC was transferred from Binance to an unknown wallet.
  • 2 thousand BTC were transferred from OKEx to Binance.
  • 2 thousand 2 BTC were transferred from OKEx to an unknown wallet.

What Happened in Ethereum?

Whales also caused movements in Ethereum during the cryptocurrency market. A large amount of Ethereum was sent to an anonymous wallet over Bithumb in the past hours.

In addition to the 2 major cryptocurrencies, whales moved in XRP. Ripple transferred 32 thousand 561 XRP to an unknown wallet the day before.


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