“Whales Need Stupid People Who Receive Bitcoin!”


The famous gold defender Peter Schiff, who attracted attention with his assertive debuts, went into the polemic by accusing Gemini co-founder Tyler Winklevoss for manipulating the price of Bitcoin.

Blaming Schiff Winklevoss, he said he was one of the whales that needed ‘pure people’ to get rid of Bitcoin assets.

Bitcoin Buyers are not ‘Pure or Stupid’

In response to Winkelvoss Schiff, as long as the fiery Bitcoin critics like Schiff were around, he heavily pinned, saying the number of dummies would not decrease at all.

In fact, Schiff’s attacks on famous twins shouldn’t be a surprise in the past. The twins who learned Bitcoin on the island of Ibiza in 2012 decided to invest risky in Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant and started buying tons of coins. The twins eventually became billionaires and pioneered the new digital movement.

Gold-savvy Schiff, on the other hand, chose to stay on the edge of the crypto revolution, although he knew about BTC in 2011.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at around $ 9,500, down 53% from the all-time high. As Schiff attacks Bitcoin billionaires, they see Schiff mindless and respond to his words.