Whales are watching ApeCoin and these Metaverse coins!


According to the online analytical platforms Santimentand WhaleStats, the number of Ethereum (ETH) whales is growing. According to both platforms, these whales are buying ApeCoin and some altcoins of the metaverse.

ApeCoin is popular among ETH Whales

Analyst firm Santiment highlights the significant growth of Ethereum assets among the richest cryptocurrency wallets in the world, and also shows that these whales are investing in the recently popular ApeCoin (APE). The company claims that the number of Ethereum holders holding more than 10,000 ETH has reached a level not seen since December last year. Sentiment believes that the accumulation of whales indicates an increase in prices in the future.

The number of Ethereum addresses containing more than 10,000 ETH has reached the largest number (1,329) since December 2021. This includes 40 more in just 5 weeks. There is a clear correlation between the number of whale addresses and future price behavior.

WhaleStats, whose analysis we often call Somagnews, reports that Ethereum was one of the most popular cryptocurrencies among whales last week with an average purchase of 1,919 ETH tokens totaling $6,230,754. In addition to ETH, ApeCoin (APE) and coins based on the metaverse are very popular among whales.

What other altcoins are whales buying?

Among the most unstable cryptocurrencies bought last week by WhaleStats is Gala Games (GALA), a blockchain gaming platform that plays for winnings. Whales purchased an average of 1,032,251 GALA tokens for $276,738. The main ETH wallets also buy ApeCoin (APE), a third-party project of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, with an average of 20,055 coins at a price of $270,193.