Whales are running to SHIB and these two altcoins when prices are falling!


According to WhaleStats, as the price of the second largest meme coin, the shiba inu (SHIB), has plummeted, some whales are rising at the lowest prices in order to sell them at a high profit later.

Whales have accumulated 372.4 billion SHIB

Thus, SHIB regained the status of the largest token position in dollar terms, replacing another well-known currency. Whale bot WhaleStats says that two huge whales who bought shiba inu have been buying two large SHIBS with mail quite often lately:

The whale named “Bombur” now has more than $23 million in Shiba Inu’s wallet. “BlueWhale0073” has sold or moved its existing SHIB to another wallet.

Whales are also buying these altcoin projects

Some of the other tokens bought today by the largest cryptocurrencies were SAND in the amount of $ 1,665,199 and Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) in the amount of $18,991,739. In addition, 56,946,679,217 Shiba units were acquired by Bombur. On May 9, the whale had only 1.14 trillion SHIB tokens.

Stepping forward, SHIB attracts more and more investors

A new report provided by WhaleStats shows that the largest Ethereum whales have once again put the shiba inu in first place for the token in dollar terms. After a brief lag at the beginning of the day, the second largest dog coin has now surpassed the FTX token (FTT). In addition, in May, the number of wallets containing Shiba increased by more than 7000.

Having failed to maintain critical support, shiba inu is on the way to establishing a new local minimum, as we showed in the Somagnews analysis. The next key support is at $0.000017, and Shiba, having reached it, can find temporary relief as soon as it reaches the support level. At the time of writing, Shiba is trading at $0.00001758, which is 5% higher over the past 24 hours.