Whale Sent 4,500 BTC to Stock Exchanges!


A major crypto transaction caused excitement among crypto traders. An anonymous Bitcoin owner transferred 4,500 BTC worth $ 50 million for a fee of $ 22. The process was first spotted by whale watcher Whale Alert.

Bitcoin (BTC) Whale May Sell

The whale account has been active since the first BTC balance appeared on February 6, and has been sending and receiving significant amounts of Bitcoin in more than 160 transactions.

According to the latest Blockchain data, the whale moved Bitcoin to a wallet owned by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, where it can be sold or exchanged on the open market. The massive transfer has led top crypto strategists to expect short-term decline in the leading cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe said that Bitcoin could touch the low of the $ 10,800 range before building an infrastructure.

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