Westworld: What will happen to actor Aaron Paul now that he’s on another show?


The launch of the sixth and final season of the AMC television series, Better Call Saul, which is a spin-off of Breaking Bad, recently began. However, some announcements have confirmed that actor Aaron Paul would appear again as Jesse Pinkman in the final installment of the show. Which is why Westworld fans have been talking about his involvement in the HBO drama.

Following his breakout role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad and that show’s finale in 2013, Aaron Paul joined the cast of HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld for its third season as Caleb Nichols, a ex-soldier and petty criminal, who takes jobs through the RICO app.

Recall that the first season of Westworld, was centered on a Wild West-themed amusement park populated by highly advanced humanoid robots known as hosts. While seasons 2 and 3 expanded the story out of the park and revealing the truth behind it all, as the hosts begin to gain self-awareness and integrate into a dystopian society.

But now that Paul has been confirmed to appear in Better Call Saul for its sixth and final season, Westworld fans have been concerned about what will happen to his character. However, Paul himself has assured that he will be in season 4 of the HBO show and has advanced a bit of the story that will be seen.

During an interview for The Hollywood Resport, actor Aaron Paul was asked about his appearance in Better Call Saul and his participation in Westworld season 4, so he decided to give a small detail of what fans will see with his character. Caleb Nichols in the next installment:

“I can’t wait for people to see what this season (Westworld) is all about. They always go much larger as the seasons progress. Yeah, they definitely put me through it. That is sure. But it was done beautifully, and I loved doing it.”

Although the HBO television network has been keeping information about Westworld season 4 secret, especially since filming began in June 2021 and ended in December of that same year. So far, the details of the new installment come from the cast members.

However, HBO is expected to reveal the first Westworld Season 4 trailer along with the release date very soon, which will keep all the fans calm and excited for the story to be seen of Aaron Paul’s character.