Westworld: Season 4 Begins Filming, Reveals Series Actor


Westworld: Filming for season 4 of Westworld may have begun, as shared by Jeffrey Wright. The actor who plays Bernard Lowe on the HBO sci-fi series posted a picture of a chair on his Instagram with his character’s name, directly from the production sets.

The publication was accompanied by a brief caption, written “Good morning… old friend” — likely reference to the phrase said by Dr. Robert Ford (played by Anthony Hopkins) in several conversations between them. However, the post does not provide any information about the new year’s plot.

HBO has yet to reveal what will be the arc of the next season of Westworld, which each year seeks to bring new elements to its narrative. The last episode aired left some questions open to arouse greater curiosity from fans, especially about the fate of characters.

In Bernard’s case, he appeared covered in dust in a possible scenario situated in the future. After awakening in the Sublime — also called Beyond the Valley — the scientist seems to have figured out and understood which directions he needs to take — though this is still mysterious to the public.

Another open point is regarding the future of actress Evan Rachel Wood in the series. It has been revealed that a different consciousness from Dolores lives in Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), opportunity that she will use her resources to possibly go to war with humanity. For that, she must have the help of a version of the Man in Black (Ed Harris), who returned in the form of an artificial intelligence and could be one of the great villains of the new year.

Season 4 of Westworld has yet to earn a premiere date on HBO. However, considering that previous seasons of the attraction have a history of being released every two years and considering the beginning of current recordings, it is possible that the new chapter will arrive in 2022 on the broadcaster and streaming service.


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