Westworld: 7 questions the third season must answer

The third season of Westworld is still in its infancy, but there are already many questions to be answered – in addition to those that remained unanswered in previous seasons. With two episodes indicating the various paths that the series can take, we list below seven doubts to know what to expect in the coming weeks.

What’s Dolores’s plan?
Dolores is the key piece of the series. While in the first season we follow her becoming conscious, in the second we see her trying to end the park. Now, your goal seems to be to end humanity, but nothing is so simple. She wants to have access to Rehoboam, a powerful artificial intelligence, but her goals are still unclear. She also appears to be replacing some people with androids, just like Charlotte, to have privileged access to both Delos and Incite Incorporated. Would your plan be to get more pearls to multiply outside Westworld?

Who’s in Charlotte’s body?
At the end of the second season, Dolores managed to leave Westworld in the body of Charlotte (Tessa Thompson), carrying five pearls with the consciences of hosts. One is that of Bernard, which is rebuilt outside the park. However, Dolores also reappears in her own body alongside Charlotte, which means the androids have already been rebuilt. As Teddy’s pearl stayed in the park and Maeve’s was not picked up by Dolores, as the second episode of the third season showed, this could be one of the series’ twists this year.

At what point is Bernard’s arc taking place?
So far, the series has already given some clues that the arcs of each of the characters is happening at different times. And, in the middle of this mess, at what moment is Bernard’s story happening? He decided to go to the park to find help to defeat Dolores. This may indicate that she has already started her plan, so Bernard’s bow may be a few months – or even years – ahead of Dolores’. At the same time, Maeve’s conscience is no longer in Westworld, so knowing where the main story Bernard is at may be the key to understanding this season.

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Who (or what) exactly is Caleb?
Caleb is the character played by Aaron Paul. So far what is known about Caleb is that he participated in a war with a friend named Francis and left with psychological (and perhaps physical) damage. Is Caleb an android too? Why doesn’t your mother recognize you? Does the war in which he fought and saw his friend Francis die have anything to do with Cassel’s plan?

Who is Vincent Cassel and what is his plan?
The first plot twist of the third season appeared in the second episode, with Maeve discovering it was in a simulation. But in the end, she supposedly appears in the real world and meets Engerraund Serac (Vincent Cassel). He tells Maeve that she must kill Dolores, which suggests that this arc is taking place after what was shown of Dolores in the first episode. Does Cassel work at Delos, Incite or some other company? And why does he want to kill Dolores?

Are we in the real world?
This may be the main question of the series. Maeve was initially presented in a simulated reality, but what if the first two seasons took place in a simulated reality? What if Dolores’ plan is to try to get out of this simulation, into the real world, where Maeve is supposed to already be? The second episode created this possibility and now everything can be questioned – at least until the series offers a more concrete answer.

How many new Dolores hosts have you created?
So far, we know that of the five pearls that Dolores took from Westworld, one was used to reconstruct Bernard, one is in Charlotte’s body and the other is in Martin Connells (Tommy Flanagan). Have the other two already been placed on androids? Did Dolores manage to create new pearls to give rise to more androids outside the park?



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