Western Digital: My Book Live Hard Drives Crash Deletes User Files


Western Digital: Manufacturer Western Digital has advised consumers who keep the My Book Live and My Book Live Duo external hard drive models running to immediately disconnect these devices from the internet.

The reason is a failure registered in the last few days in both models. In some cases, the issue has resulted in the complete erasure of data stored on the disks of multiple users.

So far, WD hasn’t confirmed exactly what happened, but there are suspicions that individual user accounts have been compromised, allowing for remote action on devices.

Suspicions were raised based on some action logs posted by users who had up to 2TB of data deleted overnight and without providing any authorization. Apparently, the device was commanded to perform a factory reset, returning to the device’s original settings.

The company also recalled that the My Book Live line stopped receiving firmware updates in 2015. In other words, the products have been without performance or security improvements for six years.

What does WD say

“The incident is under active investigation by Western Digital. We have no indication of a breach or compromise of our systems or cloud services. We understand that some My Book Live devices have been compromised by an active threat. (…) At this time, we recommend that customers disconnect devices from the internet to protect data on the device,” says the brand’s official statement.


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