Western Digital introduced its 20TB HDDs!


Western Digital has launched 20TB HDDs with OptiNAND technology that improves performance and reliability.

Western Digital (WD), one of the world’s largest disk manufacturers, introduced Hard Disk Drive (HDD) models with a capacity of 20TB. Newly equipped with OptiNAND technology, which integrates and optimizes the company’s HDDs with iNAND embedded flash drives, the Ultrastar DC HC560 and WD Gold hard drives increase reliability and performance compared to standard drives.

20TB WD Ultrastar DC HC560 and WD Gold features

Both 3.5-inch hard drives are supported by Western Digital’s OptiNAND technology introduced in August. OptiNAND; iNAND UFS enables onboard flash drive (EFD) to be integrated with traditional spinning structure disks. This provides a total of 20 TB of nine platters to be packaged with 2.2 TB of storage per platter.

Both the 20TB Ultrastar DC HC560 and the 20TB WD Gold HDD come with Energy Assisted Vertical Magnetic Recording (EAMR) support, HelioSeal technology, and a three-stage actuator (TSA) structure to reduce air friction on turntables.

Western Digital announced that 20TB HDD models with 7200 RPM cycle rate support sustained transfer rates up to 269 MB/s. He also shared the information that the average delay times are 4.16 ms. Detailing the power consumption of the Gold 20TB and Ultrastar DC HC560 models, WD says 7W in the operating mode of the disks; He stated that it consumes 6W in idle mode.

What does OptiNAND technology do?

The primary goal of OptiNAND is to increase reliability and meet purpose-built needs by offering higher capacities. To summarize the technology briefly;

  • Capacity: The drive runs smarter with advanced firmware algorithms that take advantage of the expanded metadata loaded into the iNAND. Thus, it provides an increased areal density by providing more tracks per inch (TPI).
  • Performance: Drive latency has been improved with significant and specific optimizations to be able to use firmware focused on requiring less contiguous trace
  • interference (ATI) refreshes and reducing the need to flush write cache while write cache is in active mode.
  • Reliability: It can keep about 50 times more data in case of emergency power outage (EPO) scenario.

As for the prices; The 20TB capacity WD Gold model will go on sale with a price tag of 679 dollars. The price of the Ultrastar DC HC560 has not yet been announced.