Wesley Snipes was not asked to star in the cameo role of Blade in the new MCU movie


As the weekend and Comic-Con in San Diego approach, Marvel fans are waiting for news about many upcoming projects, including Blade. However, one thing that shouldn’t be on anyone’s radar is that Wesley Snipes is getting involved with the MCU’s new vampire hunter.

Snipes played in Daywalker from 1998 to 2004, and the trilogy of Blade films helped start Marvel’s day in the world of cinema even before the appearance of Spider-Man and the X-Men. A few years ago, it was announced that Blade, who had long been expecting a return to today’s superhero film genre, would join the MCU, and for this role was the winner of the Academy Award, actor Mahershala Ali, was chosen, who eventually officially debuted in last year’s post “Eternal”. – a scene with credits, even if it was a cameo with only the voice.

Many praised Ali’s casting, and Snipes can be counted among those who believe that the actor will perfectly play Eric Cross Brooks in the Marvel Studios reboot. “Those who approach the craft in this way usually achieve very, very good results, and I think he’s done it pretty well so far, so I’m very confident,” Snipes said. “And his name is Mahershala Ali, come on!” In the same interview with Forbes, where he discussed his recent comic book project THE EXILED (which was launched on Kickstarter), Snipes also mentioned that no one from Marvel Studios has contacted him about a special appearance in Blade Returns so far.

Snipes mentioned that he caught the rumors by saying: “I hear it from other people who hear it from other people,” but, as far as reality is concerned, no one has directly approached him to join the MCU Blade. However, the actor said he’s more than ready to return in a cameo role to the franchise that gave him so much. So this, combined with the usual Marvel Studios game, misleadingly means that fans shouldn’t rule out any potential appearances.

A couple of years ago, Snipes was accused of bad behavior on the set of the movie “Blade: Trinity” by comedian and actor Patton Oswalt, although since then no additional evidence of alleged aggressive incidents has appeared. The former Blade also served two and a half years in prison for tax-related crimes from 2010 to 2013, so the question of whether this will affect Marvel Studios’ decision to bring him back as a cameo remains open.

Despite the huge excitement over Ali’s casting, some fans are concerned that Marvel Studios’ decision to leave Blade with a PG-13 rating could damage the film. After all, Snipes’ former partner, Ryan Reynolds, is currently the only superhero with an R-rated confirmed movie in Deadpool 3.


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