We’re Dead: The performance we almost missed on screen due to a mistake


As is well known, We Are Dead features a talented group of young performers led by Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon and Yoo In Soo, occupying the main roles, however there is a secondary character whose arc in the narration starred in some of the most interesting scenes in the increasingly famous adaptation of the popular webtoon “Now at Our School,” the obnoxious student Lee Na Yeon played by 27-year-old actress Lee Yoo Mi.

It’s no wonder that since We’re Dead debuted so successfully on Netflix screens, its cast became the focus of thriller fans, but Lee Yoo Mi’s case stands apart from the rest of her co-stars. because in a few months he has participated in the two most popular non-English speaking productions on Netflix, since in September of last year he was also an important part of the global phenomenon that The Squid Game became.

While in The Squid Game, Yoo Mi won the hearts of audiences around the world as Ji Yeong (player No. 240), who sacrificed herself to give her partner Sae Byeok (player No. .067); In contrast months later, she earned the hatred of We Are Dead fans, playing the ruthless teenager Lee Na Yeon. Since then, the young artist has had to answer questions in countless interviews about her time in the two famous productions.

Beyond her opinion on the viral love-hate reactions from the public contrasting the great differences between her two characters, Lee Yoo Mi also revealed some behind-the-scenes details that she experienced and how grateful she is to experience what very few actors they achieve in a lifetime, such as being able to count on two such important international successes in their artistic career in such a short time.

However, not everything was rosy as many might believe, although Lee Yoo Mi has an extensive film and dramatic career spanning more than a decade, she experienced one of the most difficult moments of her career when she came to believe that she could not participate in We Are Dead. In a recent interview, the now international star confessed that it was a real surprise for her when she was confirmed as part of the cast that would bring the zombie horror story to life on screen because, in her opinion, at her audition it had not gone for her. Nothing good.

“I thought I hadn’t done a good job during my audition”

Although knowing these revelations of the actress many would think that given the success of The Squid Game it would be difficult for any production not to want her as part of her cast. It is important to remember that although The Squid Game was released several months before We Are Dead, both began filming in the first half of 2020. The schedule of their respective premieres was determined by the problems that the productions had to face with the appearance of the coronavirus pandemic, so Lee Yoo Mi had to put in a lot of effort to fulfill both roles.

“I asked the director of We Are Dead (Lee Jae Kyu) later why I got the part, and he replied that he knew my job and said, ‘I trust you.’ I thought I should repay that trust, so I worked even harder. during filming.”

“Both dramas were filmed outside the city, so I had to go back and forth a lot. Also, my two characters have completely different personalities.”