We’re Dead Season 2: Famous director explains why he won’t be able to return to Netflix


The possibility of a second season of We Are Dead, also known as All Of Us Are Dead, is still very uncertain despite the great international projection it has achieved since it debuted as part of the Netflix platform’s catalog of options on January 28. . With a first installment based almost entirely on the webtoon titled “Now in Our School” (now also known by the name of the production), written by Joo Dong Geun, praise for its staging and doubts about whether it will succeed. a continuation have not been long in coming.

As will be recalled recently, given the public’s demand for the confirmation of a second part of We Are Dead, its director Lee Jae Kyu was forced to respond by revealing some details of what in his opinion a continuation of the zombie story could bring, if Netflix executives give the green light for a new production.

However, the South Korean media have also outlined some expert positions that are pessimistic about the return of the zombie thriller to the famous platform. One of them surprisingly comes from the director of the famous production The Squid Game, Hwang Dong Hyuk, a friend and colleague of Jae Kyu who had no qualms about expressing his doubts about the return of We are Dead, arguing in a sense very practical that the obstacles to achieve it are very difficult to overcome.

Taking into account that Netflix always takes several weeks to decide if a program will have a second season, after analyzing and collecting data on the number of viewers and minutes used to watch the production, almost two months after the premiere of the horror series made with Korean talent, there is an increasingly obvious aspect. Although there is no doubt that the zombie story has achieved admirable popularity, it has not reached the numbers of the phenomenon that its predecessor The Squid Game became, a fact that works against it and that distances it more and more the possibility of a second part.

In the opinion of the creator of The Squid Game, it is important to know how confident Netflix executives are when deciding to make a sequel to a production, especially if you take into account that in the case of We Are Dead (All Of Us Are Dead) is not an original work but the adaptation of a very popular comic with millions of fans to its credit and whose 130 chapters were covered almost entirely in the first installment. Therefore, season 2 has no other way out than to present itself with the uncertainty of being a creation with a completely new direction.

However, many remain hopeful when recalling the statements of director Lee Jae Kyu, who until now has not wanted to rule out the possibility of producing season 2 of We Are Dead, adding that if achieved, it could be even more successful than the previous one by showing on screen as protagonists those characters who became immune to the zombie virus, their struggle to integrate into a new apocalyptic society or perhaps destroy it.

He said, “I think it would be great if we could do season 2. There’s a different scenario and I think we should see it. If there are a lot of people who like and enjoy the first season, I think it’s possible.”