We’re Dead: Lee Yoo Mi jokes about the memes circulating about her hated character


We’re Dead: Lee Yoo Mi jokes about the memes circulating about her hated characterThe actress Lee Yoo Mi, barely 27 years old and an interesting career in the world of K-Dramas and cinema that dates back to 2009, is in one of the best moments of his professional career having recently participated as part of the cast of the first two global phenomena produced by Korean talent for Netflix, the famous The Squid Game (Squid Game) and We Are Dead (All Of Us Are Dead) .

In September of last year, Lee Yoo Mi became known internationally on Netflix screens thanks to her participation in The Squid Game, with a character that, although minor, caused a great impact among fans of the series. In the role of Ji Yeong (player No. 240) she conquered the hearts of the public by sacrificing herself in place of Sae Byeok (player No. 067), played by actress Jung Ho Yeon, in one of the most memorable scenes during the marbles competition.

It would not take long for her to appear again in another original production of the platform, We are Dead, playing a secondary character about whom no details had been given until the date of its premiere on January 28. That day, Lee Yoo Mi’s fans saw her in the villainous side of her playing the nasty Lee Na Yeon, diametrically opposed to the beloved Ji Yeong from The Squid Game.

As you may remember in We Are Dead, Lee Yoo Mi appeared accompanied by a cast of other talented young performers, including Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In Soo, filling the lead roles. The horror thriller revolves around a PG-18 story about a group of students struggling to survive after a zombie virus spreads like wildfire through their high school and then throughout the city.

All viewers of We Are Dead remember Na Yeon’s terrible behavior during the beginning of the crisis caused by the spread of the zombie virus, which reached the terrible point of no return when the evil girl decides to infect the noble Han Kyung Soo played by the actor. , Ham Sung Min, for no reason. On that particular moment in history, Lee Yoo Mi herself has commented on some behind-the-scenes moments that she shared with the actor.

Am I irritating enough? I think I asked a lot of people that question, but I specifically asked Sung Min who played the role of Gyeong Su.”

“Before the camera went on, I always asked him, ‘Is this more upsetting to you?’ I really tried to make it more provocative and upsetting.”

The reactions to the artist’s interpretation were immediate, the fans made viral some very creative memes about how they perceive the contrast between the two characters that she had to bring to life in The Squid Game and We Are Dead. The demonstrations of love and hate were very well received by Lee Yoo Mi, who did not hesitate to share one of the funniest representations of her on her Instagram stories.