We’re Dead: How does the final episode prepare for season 2 of the series?


The new Korean Netflix series, We Are Dead or All of Us Are Dead, has managed to be a success on the platform with its 12 episodes. However, the final episode of the show left the door open for a season 2 especially with some main characters who managed to survive until the end of the zombies like Nam On-jo (played by Park Ji-Hu).

In the final episode of the We Are Dead series, it is revealed to us that of the 170,000 residents who lived in Hyosan before this zombie outbreak, 110,000 people made it out alive. On top of that, that the Jonas virus is still going around. Either way, Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) also carries the virus, along with the rest of the infected people he alludes to in the closing moments of this season.

Because the final moments are also shown as On-jo sneaking off each night to drop off gifts at a memorial that was made to commemorate all the students at the school who died in the outbreak, showing that the quarantine camp is also less strict when it comes to enforcing the rules in Hyosan, until meeting Nam-ra in the middle of the destroyed school, leaving a great unknown.

“There are a few more like me,” Nam-ra reveals.

While there’s still plenty of room for another outbreak that reflects what came before and exactly how it spread, these plot threads suggest that the show could return as a very different and more compelling story for fans, one that take a new approach to the social commentary that drives much of the first season.

On top of that, future seasons could also tackle this same initial outbreak from different perspectives, revealing the true ramifications of this Jonas virus in Korea and its possible spread and variation of it globally, something that could even be incorporated into a story. of The Walking Dead assure some fans.

So far, the Netflix platform has not revealed a season 2 of We Are Dead, but according to what has been rumored and due to the popularity of the program, a second part could be announced very soon. It only remains to wait for the official announcement of the streaming giant.