Wenger’s Message and “Small Steps” — 4 Things From Klopp’s Post-Chelsea Press Conference


Despite another disappointing performance by Liverpool in their 0-0 draw with Chelsea, Jurgen Klopp told reporters that he considers this performance a “small step” in the right direction.

Here are the key moments of Klopp’s post-Chelsea press conference…

A message from Wenger before the game?

This, of course, was Klopp’s 1000th match in management.

And the boss hinted that Arsene Wenger was among those who congratulated him before the game.

The former Arsenal coach lost his 1,000th game in management with a score of 6-0, and despite Liverpool’s weak performance on Saturday, he was glad that this event was not marked so negatively!

“First of all, I received a lot of messages before the game, and not all of them were pleasant,” Klopp joked.

“I think Arsene Wenger lost his 1,000th game 6-0, so I’m very glad that didn’t happen!

“I liked the beginning of the first half, and I liked the beginning of the second half. It was good. We have to extend these spells.

“It was progress, definitely”

It is clear that Liverpool fans were very disappointed after the official whistle.

Klopp, however, insists that the result indicates a certain “progress” of his players.

“It’s clear to me. In our situation, we have to be ready for small steps, and today it was a small step, that’s the way it is,” Klopp said.

“I expect progress, and I think after the last championship game it was definitely progress. It is important.

“I’ve seen us in many moments very compact, really together, good challenges.”

“Even Thiago!”

So what does Liverpool need to do to get better?

In Klopp’s eyes, the answer to this question seems pretty clear.

“We were compact, we won really good balls, we created problems for them,” Klopp said.

“From here we have to work better with the ball.

“Even Thiago, a great footballer, gave away balls, made unforced errors and the like. This is something we have to do better.

“If we do this, if we defend well, play more in these moments, use each other more, suddenly everything will look completely different. That’s where we need to get to.”

Massive blank sheet

In the last question of the press conference, Klopp asked about the importance of keeping another clean sheet, the second in a row for Liverpool.

“Massive,” he said, grinning.

“Right after the game, you can’t forget the moments they had, and tomorrow I won’t remember them anymore. It’s just a blank slate, and it’s really good.

“There are things we have to rely on, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

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