Wendy Williams’ Staff Recall a Confusing Meeting with the daytime Host before her show was Canceled


Despite the fact that Wendy Williams is allegedly promoting her new plan to return to the air, her state of health still causes a lot of concerns. Rumors and questions have indeed been circulating since Williams passed out on live TV in 2017, but her condition became particularly alarming last year when the daytime talk show host was unable to return for what eventually became the final season of the Wendy Williams Show. Her former employees shed some light on what was going on behind the scenes of the show at that busy time, recalling a meeting at Zoom that was held with the media personality before the decision to cancel the show.

On September 30 last year, Debmar-Mercury co-presidents Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein organized a call to Zoom to inform Wendy Williams’ staff after the start of season 13 was postponed from the original premiere date of September 20, according to THR. However, as many of the 100 employees of the Wendy Williams show gathered in person or remotely, the meeting apparently went awry pretty quickly, with claims that Williams didn’t look like herself, coupled with her speech, which became confusing. One of the insiders described the meeting as follows:

She continues and starts mumbling: “I’m really fine, everything’s going to be fine,” and it’s like, “What are you saying?” [She] started slurring her words.

The co-presidents apparently rehearsed with Wendy Williams what she was going to say during the meeting, and talked with the host about two hours before her. But when they realized that the staff was becoming increasingly concerned, instead of dispelling their concerns, the Zoom session quickly ended, which caused further confusion.

Lonnie Burstein, vice president of Debmar-Mercury, attended the aforementioned virtual meeting in the studio with about 50 employees and said that at that time it became clear to them all that reality. According to him:

It lasted two and a half, three minutes, and it was ugly. People are kind of fucked up. She was saying something like, “Oh, I can’t wait, I’ll be back with you very soon,” but it was obvious to everyone who was watching that she wouldn’t be back soon.

Later that day, it was announced on Instagram that “The Wendy Williams Show” would be delayed even further, with new episodes returning on October 18. But when the premiere of the 13th season took place, the host of the same name was absent, and the guest presenters continued to replace Wendy Williams. throughout the season.

In February, it was decided to officially replace the Wendy Williams Show with Sherry, a new show hosted by Sherry Shepherd. The former View honors student often replaced Wendy Williams, and her episodes reportedly brought the most impressive audience and ratings statistics, so she got a new gig.

Almost a year later, Williams’ health situation has not cleared up at all. It is reported that in early August, she said she got married, which, according to her brother Tommy Williams, is “very unnerving” because it is not true. He has also spoken in the past few months about the “heartbreaking” situation as Wendy apparently doesn’t think she needs help.

With this new information about the staff meeting that was held before season 13, it’s easy to understand why there was so much confusion and concern around this situation. It is also discouraging that Wendy Williams’ loved ones continue to remain in the same condition today. As always, we hope for the best for the iconic media personality.


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