Wendy Williams’ rep Denies Marriage Claims more than 2 Years after her divorce from Kevin Hunter: “I can’t control her”


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The main milestone? The personal life of Wendy Williams became the subject of discussion after the talk show host said that she went down the aisle again.

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According to the founder of Hollywood Unlocked Jason Lee, 58-year-old Williams allegedly said that she secretly married a New York police officer named Henry. “She says: “I’m married.” I’m like, “What?” She’s like, “I got married,” Lee recalled during his phone conversation with the TV company on Tuesday, August 2.

He added, “I was like, ‘When did you get married?’ and she was like, ‘I got married last week.’

However, Williams’ representative denied that his client had changed his life a lot. “She’s not married,” William Selby told Us Weekly on Wednesday, August 3. — She needs to endure [the relationship] day after day. I can’t control her.”

Selby noted that Williams is at a “very, very early stage” of a relationship with a police officer. “She wants to take her time and really focus on launching the podcast,” he clarified. “Wendy is at the sweet spot in her life when she can stop, inhale and smell the roses. Everyone knows that Wendy has been a workhorse all her life, and she just wants to get back on the horse.”

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After Selby denied the rumors about the wedding, Lee published footage in which the New Jersey native allegedly criticized her representation.

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Ahead of her recent relationship, the “Ask Wendy” author was previously married to Kevin Hunter. Williams filed for divorce in April 2019 after the 49-year-old TV producer had a child with his secret girlfriend Sharina Hudson. The former couple, who have been together for more than two decades, finalized their divorce in January 2020.

At the time, former show host Wendy Williams called Hunter’s infidelity a “serious indiscretion” that he would “have to deal with” for the rest of his life.

“I never thought I’d be in this position,” Williams, who shares a son with Hunter, admitted in an interview with The New York Times Magazine in August 2019. — I am a very forgiving person, but there is one thing I could never be a part of, and it happened. Kevin has a daughter.

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Later, the Emmy nominee teased that she wanted to return to the dating scene. “I want to have a good time and eventually fall in love with the same man,” she told Mario Lopez in Access Hollywood in February 2021. there’s nothing wrong with that.”

For Williams to tie the knot with the right person again did not go out of her head. “I wouldn’t want to get married right away,” she explained. “I’m only against things like that we’re not going to live together if we don’t live in your house and it’s big enough for both of us. I need a dressing room. I won’t get rid of my apartment, so I’ll always have somewhere to run away and call my own. You’re not moving in with me, I’m not moving in with you. …I don’t want to be a stepmother. I love kids, but no. [My son] Kevin is 20 years old.”

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