Wendy Williams’ brother calls the daytime presenter’s behavior “unnerving” and talks about the “situation” after the presenter incorrectly reported that she was married


When Sherry Shepard started hosting the Wendy Williams Show last year, attention was drawn to Williams’ health issues as it became apparent she would not be returning to her daytime show. While the Wendy Williams Show was canceled after the star’s complete absence from the air, in recent weeks there have been reports of new comments from the star that she is married (she is not married) and much more. Now Wendy Williams’ brother has officially spoken about the situation, calling it “very unpleasant.”

In early August, Hollywood Unlocked made public a conversation that allegedly occurred with Wendy related to the news about her recent wedding. Host Jason Lee noted that when he talked to Wendy on the phone, she told him she was “married,” which would be unexpected news. The conversation was quite simple, the presenter told:

She says: “I’m married.” I’m like, “What?” She’s like, “I got married. I’m like, “When did you get married?” and she’s like, “I got married last week.”

That interview was quickly followed by her rep, who said the marriage comment was “inaccurate” and that the star “probably got carried away.” Now her family is talking about stories related to the daytime host that have broken down in recent days, including comments about an artificial marriage.

What Wendy Williams’ Brother Had To Say After Married Quotes Broke

Note that the comments that Williams allegedly made in the podcast do not correspond to what is actually happening in her personal life. The brother of the former daytime host Tommy confirmed to Page Six that his sister did not marry a Los Angeles police officer, and also shared his feelings about the behavior of his brother and sister.

She wasn’t going to get married last week. I think it’s a little crazy and very unnerving.

He also noted that the two had been in touch recently and she didn’t mention her husband before noting that the family believes Williams may not be “healthy” enough after her countless problems to already be out and about. According to the report, she may not be around people who are in her best interests. Tommy also said it was “very sad” to watch from the sidelines, also stating:

I’ve been with Wendy since the beginning and she’s never talked like that, but I don’t think it’s her fault. This is a dangerous situation.

This news came a little more than a month after Tommy told about his sister in a separate interview. She recently told the press about the cancellation of her daytime show, as well as her battles for health, including the fight against lymphedema. Williams has also become more likely to appear in public, at events, including this year’s post-Met Gala parties and other events.

Despite this, Tommy has made it clear that he feels Wendy Williams is “struggling,” previously saying it was hard because his sister doesn’t seem to realize the need and doesn’t want help.

She’s struggling. She’s struggling. She’s working on becoming Wendy again. No, she’s not the Wendy we all knew. No, she’s not. And it’s very sad, very heartbreaking, very disappointing. It’s very frustrating because when you find someone in your family that you want to help, you want to help, but they refuse your help. They condemn any accusations that they are different from others or need help, and want to grab your hand. You know, it’s difficult.

Wendy Williams’ Family Isn’t The Only One Concerned

Her representative William Selby even said that Wendy Williams is not 100% yet. He noted that he “tries his best to make [his] client happy,” even when he does not always agree with the direction in which she wants to develop her career.

I have to listen to her, even if I don’t always completely agree… if she wants to give an interview, sometimes we do it, and if it doesn’t work out, I stop. We are still testing the water.

Although her talk show has been canceled, Wendy Williams plans to launch a podcast by mid-August. She’s moving forward with some interviews and more, but it looks like there are concerns about what might happen if the former daytime personality takes full effect too soon.

Her friends and fellow TV presenters are rooting for her, but with Charlamagne, God shared his hopes for Williams’ return, given her success in the television business. Nick Cannon also allegedly provided support to Wendy after his daytime show was also canceled this year. We will definitely keep you updated if there is any further news related to the host.


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