Wendy talks about her favorite music and her recommendations


The K-pop group member is happy to be back and revealed how important music is to her life and her fans. Red Velvet’s Wendy reveals how she felt after returning from her hiatus and shares with fans her top music tips and recommendations, a hobby she passionately enjoys.

The K-pop group from the agency SM continues with their group hiatus, but they promised that in the coming months they will make their first comeback with 5 members and in 2021. For now, each of the members is concentrating on their solo activities, on all of Wendy, who managed to overcome her accident and resume her career as an idol.

One of Red Velvet’s Wendy’s new projects was to be part of the variety show “Deliver Songs,” where she shares a panel with Renowned musicians such as Yoon jongshin and jang yoonjeong and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, whom he regards as his mentors in music, as well as sharing life stories, he explored new songs and genres.

Since her return, Wendy explained that being back on stage made her feel like a rookie again, she enjoyed time with her parents, but she is a renewed girl who left behind her anxiety about thinking too much about things, she also wants to promote stronger together with the K-pop group and show your potential as an artist and singer.


As part of her interview with Marie Clare Korea magazine , Wendy talked about her experience in reality, said that she and her peers mixed playlists that were part of her life story and feels that she is now on another level as an artist after expanding her taste and musical knowledge.

She said that she always thinks of people and their lives when she listens to a song , so she will always recommend something that for her fits the situation you live in at the time, she also has an inclination towards songs that talk about broken hearts or the monotonous life and recommends her fans to listen to music that comforts and heals them.

The idol ofRed Velvet finds this art comforting, songs tell a story and convey emotions even though someone else wrote it, but you can share that feeling. Wendy often listens to music that touches her heart, has metaphors, or is old.

She also knew the time of the 60s and 70s, which broadened her musical variety and wishes that her voice also reach the hearts of Reveluv.

In addition to interacting with her fans and sharing her favorite hobbies, Wendy also reflects on her return after going through an accident that took her away from the stage.


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