Well, Nick Cannon told us that it was safe to bet this year, and he had several children.


Over the past couple of years, Nick Cannon has attracted a lot of attention with the number of children he gives birth to and the number of women raising his children. As this number continues to grow in 2022, we can’t say he didn’t warn us! After welcoming three children in 2021, the actor said earlier this summer that it’s “safe to bet” that the stork will give birth to three more this calendar year. After it was revealed this week that Brittany Bell is pregnant with his 10th child, Cannon’s prediction seems to have come true.

Bra Teezy shared her birth story after she and Nick Cannon welcomed Legendary Love—her first child and Cannon’s eighth child-in June. Abby De La Rosa, who gave birth to Cannon twins Zion and Zillion in June 2021, is also pregnant again, and it is widely believed that the star of the Drama Line is the father. If this is true, then this year Brittany Bell will have three children for the former talk show host, and 10 in total.

In 2021, along with his twins from Abby De La Rosa, Nick Cannon welcomed a Zen baby with model Alyssa Scott. Zen was diagnosed with brain cancer and tragically passed away in December when he was just 5 months old. Before Zen’s death, Cannon talked about abstinence, but the loss of his son plunged him into depression, and he said he was too weak to remain abstinent. He remembered:

So in December—especially right before Christmas— I started fucking like crazy, and that’s when I kind of broke celibacy. I was probably a bachelor for a month and a half.

It was then that he confirmed that 2022 was likely to be as fruitful as 2021 for his offspring. Although Nick Cannon has fathered so many children with different women in a short period of time, this is a unique situation, it doesn’t seem too much of a problem for those involved. Abby De La Rosa loves that her children are part of such a big family, saying:

It’s a blessing. Children are a blessing in any capacity.

Bre Tiesi also defended their family dynamic, saying that even with so many women involved, if she ever needs anything from Nick Cannon, he’s there. She said:

I never have to worry or ask if he will be present.

The Wild ‘n Out host also addressed this, saying this summer that even with so many kids, he probably does more with kids during the day than the average adult. He said:

If I am not physically in the same city with my children, I talk to them before they go to school, via FaceTime and so on. And then when I’m [in the same city, I] take my kids to school, for example, to make sure I pick them up. All these things to make sure [I’m there] at all extracurricular activities. I participate in everything from coaching to guitar lessons with my daughter every week.

We hope that everything will continue when the children get older, as currently only three of his children are over 2 years old. In addition to the six children who were born and will be born in 2021 and 2022, Nick Cannon has two more children with Brittany. Belle is the Domineering Queen, born in 2020, and Golden, born in 2017— as well as 11—year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah Carey.

I think now the only question is, will there be more? In any case, it’s likely that Nick Cannon will continue to work hard to support his extended family, and soon fans will be able to see him on TV again when “The Masked Singer” returns on Wednesday, September 21, on Fox. Check out our TV schedule for 2022 to keep up to date with all upcoming fall premieres.


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