Welcome to Wrexham: Episode 7-8 Review


The last two episodes of Welcome to Wrexham depart from the dramatic and fan-oriented approach that the documentary series used in the first six parts to tell viewers a little bit about the history of Wales with a very special guest.

However, perhaps the biggest win of these two episodes is how well they illustrate Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny’s lack of familiarity with the sport even a year after the official acquisition of Wrexham. Unfortunately, however, this means giving up what may have made “Welcome to Wrexham” an entertaining spectacle until now, to see how a tiny football club can influence its community, and to learn some of the subtleties of what it takes to manage a team beyond fantasy. this is football manager 2023.

As for the special guest, it is none other than YouTuber and author of the book “The Mistake in Our Stars” John Green, who gives the audience a summary of the country of Wales in the style of a crash course, how it originated, why signs all over Wrexham are also written in Welsh and explains why football stars such as Gareth Bale, represent Wales at the World Cup, but the country plays under the flag of Great Britain at the Olympic Games.

Why is Green suitable for this job? Well, like Reynolds and McElhenny, Green was also closely associated with a low-level English team, just one division above Wrexham, AFC Wimbledon. Although Green is not the owner of Wimbledon, he devoted a lot of time to the team on his YouTube channel, although this did not prevent the team from being relegated last season — in any case, it is clear that these three now have a lot in common.

“Wide World of Wales” works mainly as a kind of entertainment show, it’s a small detour for “Welcome to Wrexham” to make something out of the comedic chops of two Hollywood stars, although it’s certainly not Deadpool. Of course, there is a novelty factor in the fact that Reynolds and Mchelnney are trying to bake Welsh cakes, but it’s hardly too impressive.

Viewers more familiar with football or FIFA players may even be confused by the SportsCenter segment, which is based on two actors whose criteria for choosing the proper top 10 games of the season so far seem somewhat dubious. Fortunately, “Away We Go” gets back to business, telling about the two owners attending their first game in Wrexham, which, as it turned out, is an away game at modest Maidenhead Town FC in England.

9 games into the 2021/2022 season, the tenure of manager Phil Parkinson is already being questioned by fans who want to see the changes promised to them, instead they are disappointed that the team is stuck in the same place as before the new one. The owners of Hollywood have appeared in the city. This chapter is a good tribute to English football teams, especially the Premier League, and their lack of patience with new managers, which statistically far exceeds the number of dismissed coaches in American sports or even in most football leagues around the world, and is the reason why Ted Lasso’s job is always on the line.

Parkinson has retained his post at Wrexham to this day after a tough start, and this episode gives viewers some additional insight into his management style, and also highlights how long the team-building process really is. “Welcome to Wrexham” has already shown that football at this level is characterized by a lack of stability, when players constantly change teams, and short contacts are the norm, so, again, more football knowledge can be found here.

Unfortunately, more casual football fans who like to watch Welcome to Wrexham because of its stories about people will not find much interesting, as interviews with fans and those close to the club in these two recordings look a little late. This is the case with defender Aaron Hayden (still a Wrexham player), who gets into the spotlight of the family before showing a bad game in the only game described here, without his spotlight getting any direct snap, decision or goal, as in other episodes.

The tribute to the culture of away games in European football is also good, because, as McElhenny notes, the size of the continent and the transport network usually make it easier for fans to maintain the tradition of supporting their teams abroad. Unfortunately, Reynolds and McElhenny witnessed Wrexham’s disastrous defeat, which makes them think, even though the latter does not know the rules of the game regarding the throw-in.

Football is arguably a much more volatile competition than the NBA or NFL, and the couple’s reflections on the way home about how the game plays with fans’ emotions are a great summary of why it’s the most popular sport in the world. Chance and luck play a big role in sports such as football, and this lesson will undoubtedly resonate in later episodes of Welcome to Wrexham as the season progresses, when the likelihood of a broken heart becomes more and more.


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