Welcome to Plattville: Why Moriah is the most controversial member of the Family


Moriah Plath from Welcome to Plathville Prides himself on being the most controversial member of the Plath family. The young singer protested against the strict rules of her parents Kim and Barry Plath so that she could go her own way. With a world like her oyster, Moriah hopes to make some changes, despite what her parents may say.

When viewers first met the Plath family in 2019, they could tell something was wrong. Kim and Barry imagined their big conservative family happy and friendly, but soon cracks began to show in their loving base. The parents took their children from the outside world, deciding to raise them on a rural farm in Cairo, Georgia. Plath’s children were kept away from sweets, caffeine and TV. But, like many children, they rebel. Moriah was left to fight for her freedom, which she eventually got, and was then considered one of the most controversial stars of “Welcome to Platteville” as most of her siblings supported the status quo.

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The fourth season of “Welcome to Platteville” left viewers divided in their opinion of Moria, mainly because of how she is going through a breakup with Max Kalschmidt. However, most viewers can agree that Moriah is undoubtedly the only lousy crow in her family. Recently, questions have been raised regarding Moria’s attitude, which looked rather selfish. She currently lives with her brother Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath, and Moriah doesn’t seem to be making any effort. She tends to hide in her room all day, and fans feel that the reality TV star is unbearable. Moriah is becoming more and more reclusive every day, which is why the viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” are worried about her.

Choosing Moria as the most controversial member of the Plath family makes sense, mainly because of her love of breaking the rules. The second oldest daughter of Plath also took a risk with her fashion and appearance. Freed from the family home, Moriah had no problem wearing barely-there tops and short shorts. Despite the fact that her ex-boyfriend Max considered her fashion classless, she continued to wear what she wanted. Moria even dyed her beautiful blonde hair purple and started getting tattoos. The “Welcome to Platteville” star recently got a large rose tattoo that covered her entire thigh.

It doesn’t look like the “Welcome to Platteville” star is going to change to meet the requirements. While Moriah overcomes her first grief, she seems to strike in more ostentatious ways. Recently, Moria started pole dancing and shows off her movements on social networks so that all her followers can see them.