Welcome to Plattville: Why Fans Aren’t Thrilled with Lydia’s New Song


Welcome to Plattville! Fans are not thrilled with Lydia Plath’s announcement that she will release a new song in the summer, and it’s time to explain why. According to Lydia, she is very glad that she will soon share her latest melody with the whole world. Although she is happy, many people who follow the show have taken to social media to let others know that they are not thrilled with the news.

Currently, Lydia is the eldest child of the Boards in the house, since all her older siblings have left to find their own way. The 18-year-old is now playing the role of a parent to her younger siblings, as her mother Kim Plath has moved out of their family home. This is due to the growing problems between Kim and her husband Barry Plath, which, according to many fans, could eventually end their marriage. Although there is no news confirming Kim and Barry’s divorce, a split seems a likely outcome. Barry seems to believe that the problems between him and Kim are his fault, and so far Kim hasn’t actually disputed his claims.

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Lydia has just announced on her Instagram page that she will release a new song, and some fans of “Welcome To Plathville” have a negative attitude to her plans. Some people think that Lydia and Plath’s other older children really should get a real job. They want these actors to consider their side projects a hobby because they don’t think the stars of “Welcome to Platteville” are as talented as they think. Fans of the reality show blame the star of “Welcome to Plattville” Kim for not telling Lydia that her voice is not very good. According to icameheretosnark: “I can’t think that you sing badly if your mom never lets you listen to worldly music!”

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Another Reddit user, who uses the alias Eilidh111, seems to believe that Mika Plath is the only child of Plath with a chance of lasting fame. According to Redditor, others, including Lydia, don’t really have what it takes to succeed. “Mika doesn’t just think he’s going to be a model, he’s signed a contract with a legitimate major agency. I think he definitely has a chance to break through in several ways. The rest is not so much,” they said.

Many people think that the whole Plath family is trying to use the fame that reality TV has given them, and that it will probably end badly for none of them. While many Welcome yo Plathville fans believe Lydia doesn’t have what it takes to become mainstream, she does have supporters who support her, regardless of what other people might think of her. Reddit user stickyfingers48 added: “To be honest, a Reddit thread that she will probably never see is in no way preventing her from living as she pleases.”

Whatever the fans of “Welcome to Platteville” think, Lydia is still strong, as are the other members of her family. They haven’t let the negativity get to them so far, and they probably won’t let it affect them in the future. Only time will tell if they will succeed in their endeavors.