Welcome to Plattville: The transformation of Kim Platt’s style in photos


Kim Plath from “Welcome to Plattville” is an ambiguous matriarch who has undergone significant style changes over the four seasons of the show. After becoming a mother, she dressed very conservatively and forced her children to do the same. In season 4 of “Welcome to Platteville,” Kim shocked fans by completely changing her style. Now she’s showing more skin than ever.

Kim’s upbringing has been criticized by “Welcome to Plattville” fans. Many viewers say that she uses religion to manipulate her children, and her eldest son Ethan Plath agrees with this. From forcing her kids out of the house for wanting to see more of the world, to separating her older kids from her younger ones, Kim has made several decisions that have angered fans.

Fans of “Welcome to Plattville” also called Kim a hypocrite, as she will debut in a new look in season 4. Kim said she’s used to being a wife and mom, and now she’s focused on herself. Many fans think she is selfish, leaving her young daughters to fend for themselves during her journey of self-discovery.

Kim’s glasses outshine everyone else

Before the Plath family became famous thanks to the series “Welcome to Plattville”, a documentary was made about them. Fans criticized Plath’s parents for humiliating their children during the filming of the documentary. Even on the hottest days in Georgia, Kim wears a maxi skirt, but demonstrates a new style in glasses.

Everything is covered up

Kim’s signature outfit is trousers (in this case jeans) and a traditional shirt that cover her body. Although many “Welcome to Plattville” fans remember this scene because of how Kim and Barry punished Lydia Platt, others praised the stylish top. Kim insisted that her children wear clothes that should cover most of the body, regardless of the weather. She does the same in earlier seasons of the show.

Kim visits the gym

In the 4th season of “Welcome to Plattville”, Kim opened a new page, including getting herself in shape. The former dancer said she goes to the gym to improve herself. Many fans are used to seeing her in looser clothes and were surprised to see her wearing regular sportswear such as leggings and a tank top.

Brand new Kim

Kim stunned fans of “Welcome to Plattville” at the Season 4 premiere when she returned to her traditional values by applying makeup and shorter and tighter clothes. After preaching modesty for more than two decades, Kim has decided that she wears and does what she wants. This led to her husband Barry Plath saying she was having a midlife crisis. Whether it’s a stage or forever, Kim’s fashion sense has changed dramatically over the seasons of “Welcome to Platteville.”