Welcome to Plattville: Kim tells Lydia about the divorce in a new clip

Kim Plath shocks fans of the show “Welcome to Plattville” when she decides to talk to Lydia Plath heart-to-heart about the divorce. Viewers don’t think Kim should share such personal information about their father Barry Fee with her children. But it seems that Kim needs an outlet, and Lydia got the job.
Lydia always did exactly what her father and mother asked her to do. From cooking all the meals for the whole family to cleaning the house, Lydia was an extremely obedient child. For the most part, Lydia was always on her mother’s side, especially when it came to disputes with brothers and sisters. However, in recent months, Lydia seems to be trying to escape from a lonely life and grow up. Kim is also growing, as fans have seen that she has changed her dress and wants to break up with Barry. While it’s nice to see the bond between mother and daughter, it’s unclear how Lydia will be able to help her mother cope.
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In a brief review of the next episode of “Welcome to Plattville” via People, fans will see Kim having a heart-to-heart chat with Lydia. For several weeks, Lydia hid from her mother in the hope that she would not have to find out about her parents’ family problems. This week, Kim finally catches up with her daughter when they decide to look through some old photo albums. Kim notes on camera that the conversation will be “the most difficult” in her life with her daughter. Kim continues to tell fans that she and Barry taught Lydia that marriage is forever, saying, “And now we’re tweaking it a little bit.” Lydia tries to get the upper hand and asks her mother to wait a while before making a final decision. Kim quickly turns off her daughter, asking what time frame would be reasonable, replying, “Another 24 years?”
Lydia quickly uses God as her protection, telling her mother that the Holy Spirit can heal everything. Although the 18-year-old admits that she has no experience of marriage, she still tries to teach Kim. Welcome to Plathville Viewers will probably find Lydia extremely condescending and pious during the conversation. Kim struggles to open up further, noting that there was no intimacy in her marriage with Barry. The mother of nine says that her union was lonely, and she had no choice but to want to be with someone who appreciates her. Kim ends the conversation by telling her daughter that she deserves to be with someone who will communicate with her, not just ignore her.
This “Welcome to Platteville” conversation is one of the most uncomfortable. Kim and Barry recently announced that they are ending their 24-year marriage after a difficult season. Lydia was criticized for not supporting her mother and not taking Barry’s side, while many other children remained silent. I hope the conversation will open Lydia’s eyes to the pain that her mother experienced.