Welcome to Plattville: How Kim’s “Midlife Crisis” is Changing the Series


Kim Plath completely changed her behavior in the fourth season of “Welcome to Plattville”, forcing her husband to call it a midlife crisis, which affected the entire series. Deciding to break up with Barry Plath, open a dance studio and focus on herself, Kim changed the dynamics of the series. It affected the way Kim’s children behave with her, the way Barry talks about her, and showed her more vulnerable side.

Kim and Barry seemed inseparable in “Welcome to Platteville” from seasons 1 to 3, despite claims that Kim confused Barry in many situations. They agreed to raise all nine of their children in an unconventional way and stuck together in the most difficult moments of their lives. Whether they were punishing Lydia Plath for texting a boy without their permission, or showing support for Moriah Plath’s blossoming music career, Kim and Barry were in it together. Kim shocked fans of “Welcome to Platteville” in season 4 when she decided she no longer loved Barry.

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Kim opened the season by returning to some of the principles she had for the last 20 years, listening to secular music at home and applying makeup. Welcome to Plathville Kim and Barry have relaxed the strict rules they had for older children as they now allow their younger children to use technology and have social media accounts. Kim went even further, deciding to spend more time away from home, where she has to teach younger children at home, and open her own dance studio.

In the program “Welcome to Platteville” for some time there was a gap between the family, and Kim’s sudden decision to move out did not help the situation. Because of her changing behavior, the children spend less time with their mom, and Lydia was burdened with trying to fill this gap. Barry showed real emotions for the first time in four seasons of the show, and Amber Plath got her first chance to speak out in the program “Welcome to Plattville”. Amber surprised fans when she spoke out against her mom, asking why her father had to leave the family home when Kim was the one who wanted a divorce.

Because of Kim and Barry’s crumbling marriage, Ethan and Olivia Plath’s trust issues, and Moria’s breakup with Max Kalschmidt, there were more tears this season of “Welcome to Plattville” than ever before. All the kids talked about how shocked they were to hear Kim say that she was unhappy in her marriage and wanted to leave Barry, as she always preached that if you get married, it’s for life. This has also led to more secrets between the Plath family, as Ethan still doesn’t even know about his parents’ separation as they don’t talk.