Welcome to Plattville: How Kim & Barry Protects Their Children After Divorce


One of the main plot points of the fourth season of “Welcome to Plattville” is the potential divorce of Kim and Barry Platt, and the series tells how they protect their children during this difficult time. Kim has been living in a rented property while she and Barry are separated, but recently moved back into the house to facilitate the adaptation of her children. Fans have overcome their initial surprise that Kim left Barry, and want to see how they cope with raising their children, being separated, but living under the same roof.

Kim and Barry always seemed to be on the same page in “Welcome to Platteville,” even with their extreme parenting rules. Although Kim seemed happy to stay at home and raise nine Plath children while Barry was working, in season 4 she changed her mind. What started as the opening of a dance studio and a possible midlife crisis has turned into a likely divorce for Kim and Barry, which affects the whole family.

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Fans accused Barry of treating Lydia more like a friend than a daughter, trusting her too much and talking too much about his deteriorating marriage. However, Plath’s parents were open and honest with their children, especially with those who live at home and who suffered the most from separation. On the show, Barry first showed emotion when he told Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia and Mercy Plath about the breakup.

While “Welcome to Platteville” fans accused Kim of selfishness for leaving Barry to raise the kids while she was enjoying “me” time, she made an effort by returning to the house. She has put the younger girls in another bedroom, and she sleeps in the master bedroom, while Barry occupies the old nursery. Kim and Barry both said that they consider it their priority to remain friends to ensure that their lives change as little as possible. It’s all for the children of the Boards. Kim also showed vulnerability on Plattville, telling the children that the divorce was not their fault and had nothing to do with them.

In “Welcome to Plattville,” Kim and Barry tried to tell the younger Platt children as few details as possible, as well as explain why they broke up. Kim said that she is no longer happily married, which some fans found inappropriate comment to share with young children. During the last season of the show, she constantly checked what was going on, so she knew how the kids were feeling throughout the process. Welcome to Plathville season 4 has been a season of relationship issues so far, and fans want to see how things turn out for the Plath family.