Welcome to Plattville: Everything you need to know about Mickey’s Modeling Career


Mika Plath from “Welcome to Plattville” easily wins fans with his beautiful appearance and toned body, and viewers are curious how well he succeeds in the modeling business. The previously shy Georgia native stepped outside of his comfort zone and made a name for himself.

The second oldest son of Kim and Barry Plath has invested a lot of time and effort into sculpting his body, and he definitely sees the fruits of his hard work. Since the early days of the family-oriented reality show, Mika has been taking the initiative when it comes to his modeling career and performing in front of the cameras. Although he may have been protected, Mika quickly learned how to sell himself and constantly used the TLC platform for his advertising. Thanks to the large number of followers on Instagram, numbering 295 thousand people, the blonde celebrity was noticed by several talent seekers. Here’s everything you need to know about Mika’s thriving modeling career.

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Mika is currently signed to Select Models Atlanta and Select Models Miami. He has a whole profile dedicated to him on the website of the modeling agency, which includes many photos in which he demonstrates different sides of his personality. One of the photos from Mika’s portfolio shows him posing in a pink sweater with diamonds with a serious expression on his face. It seems that the representatives of the modeling agency decided to advertise Mika as the boy next door and recommend him for a job that requires a GQ appearance. Mika managed to become part of the crowd, as he was seen walking with the famous agent Marsha Doll in Tallahassee back in 2021.

It looks like Mika has now signed a contract with Select Models Global, which means he can travel all over the world in search of work. More recently, Mika has also started working with the famous Wilhelmina modeling agency. The “Welcome to Plattville” star is currently under development with the latest agency, so he is not yet one of their main models. Mika often keeps her fans informed when she is going to pose for a new client, and even posts some photos from her modeling performances on her Instagram.

Currently, fans of “Welcome to Plattville” are watching him adjust to life in Los Angeles. TLC cameras followed Mika and his friends as they hung out on Muscle Beach and downtown. He also returned to Tampa to visit his sister, Moria Plath, who is healing a broken heart. At the moment, Mika seems to be calm about his success, and fans hope that he will continue to be lucky in the industry.