Welcome to Plattville: All the signs that Ethan is offended by Olivia


The state of Ethan and Olivia Plath’s “Welcome to Plathville” marriage has been a topic of discussion since the show began, and many feared that Ethan would hate her. The couple was forced to get married at a young age to even talk in private, and it was clear that they were not ready for this commitment. Lately, there are more and more signs that Ethan is tired of Olivia’s behavior.

TLC viewers believe that the couple got married very early and may regret their decision. It didn’t help that Kim and Barry Plath created problems with the couple’s marriage because they didn’t like how Olivia introduced Ethan to the real world. Due to the strict rules of the Plath family, viewers learned that Olivia and Ethan are not allowed to meet, and they can only talk to each other on the phone. The two recently overcame a tentative separation and moved to Tampa to start a new life.

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For a long time, many viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” never thought that Ethan would think about leaving Olivia, but times have changed. Ethan seems tired of walking on eggshells around his wife. One of Ethan’s recent grudges against Olivia is that he still has a connection to his hometown, Cairo, Georgia. Olivia made it clear that she never wanted to come back, but Ethan had a different opinion. He told his wife that he would always come back, as he had close friends and family there.

Olivia has always been a little more in control of her life and Ethan’s life. However, Ethan has begun to express his opinion and is not going to let Olivia control his life. Ethan likes the atmosphere of a small town, and he really didn’t gravitate to city life. Now, with his newfound confidence, it’s entirely possible that Ethan will be able to take the leap and walk away from his marriage. While starting over may not be easy, Ethan seems more than willing to break out of Olivia’s control.

Welcome to Plattville! Fans understand how Ethan may have started to resent Olivia, especially after she started controlling him like his mother, Kim Plath. The couple is currently touring Europe and has been living in Paris for the last month. Although Ethan seems to be enjoying himself, the couple’s relationship is still a concern. Ethan’s parents, Kim and Barry, are currently divorcing themselves, so if Ethan decides to make this decision, he can always ask them for advice.