Welcome to Platteville: The Evolution of Moriah’s Style in photos


There is no doubt that Moriah Plath’s “Welcome to Plattville” fashion has evolved over the years from a homeschooled girl into a gratuitous rebel. Viewers liked to see how the second eldest daughter of Kim and Barry Plath found her own way and accepted her true self. Now many viewers are watching how her style developed.

From the first day, Moria was presented to fans as a rebellious soul who did not want to be bound by the strict beliefs of her parents. The audience fell in love with her carefree attitude and determination to stay true to herself. At the age of 19, Moriah led a very adult life. She left home early, and she had to learn to stand up for herself. Fortunately, Moriah has mended her burned bridges with her parents just in time for her devastating breakup with Max Kalschmidt.

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Moria is not afraid to be bold when it comes to choosing clothes. Over the years, “Welcome to Plattville” viewers have watched Moriah transform from a shy neighborhood girl into a guitar-playing beach babe. Below are a few images that Moriah has shown over the years, as fans can see a clear difference between the present and the past.

This image was Moria’s from season 1 of “Welcome to Platteville”, as she still had her natural blonde hair. Fans could see that she had taken the photo at the church and was still living under Kim and Barry’s roof. Moria’s makeup is also very minimal, with the addition of dark eyeliner, for which she is well known.

This fashion win came from season 3 of Weclome To Plathville, when Moriah first decided to dye her hair a different color. The former blonde showed off her new purple hair color, and fans seemed to like the new shade. For the most part, Moriah seemed to tone down her edgy style when it came to makeup, and even scored it with dark eyeliner, aiming for a more natural look. In general, this is one of the best fashionable options for Moria.

Undoubtedly, the star of “Welcome to Platteville” was constantly changing her image. Now Moriah has blonde hair like Marilyn Monroe and bright red lipstick. Moria still wears the dark eyeliner she loves so much and now adds false eyelashes to her beauty routine. Fans can only guess what the next image of Moria might be.