Welcome to Platteville: Signs that Moriah will become a successful musician


Moriah Plath played her first show in the third season of “Welcome to Plattville”, and after releasing several singles, there were signs that she had the talent to become a successful musician. Although fans of “Welcome to Platteville” have sometimes criticized Moria’s singing voice, her talent for playing other instruments, especially guitar, impresses fans. Moriah found solace in her music during her adversity and used it as inspiration for writing.

Welcome to Platteville Moriah started out as a family rebel, but quickly showed fans that she always felt like an outsider in her family. Fans were thrilled to see her leave the family home and earn the freedom to dress and behave the way she wants. Although there have been complaints that Moria is too focused on her clothes and that she wears too many revealing outfits, at least Moria can be true to herself.

Over the past three years in the series, Moria was able to talk about her childhood and even established a connection with Max Kalschmidt. They’ve been in a serious relationship for quite some time, and Moriah even introduced Max to his family in “Welcome to Platteville.” They talked about getting married in the future, but after he kissed another girl, they broke up. Now that Moria has experienced her first grief, she can direct all her energy and heart to recording her music.

Moriah’s song “Missed Myself” has received mixed reviews from fans, some of whom are proud of how she follows her dream of playing music since the Plath Family Band, while others believe that she needs formal vocal lessons. The reality TV star released her second single “Weakness”, which, according to many fans of “Welcome To Plathville”, was a significant improvement over her first single. Despite the mixed reaction, Moria has almost 72 thousand auditions for “Missed Myself” and more than 25 thousand for “Weakness”.

Moria is a talented guitarist, she continues to practice, recovering from the breakup with Max. Thanks to the success of “Welcome to Platteville”, Moriah’s viewers listen to her music and become fans of her songs. Moria is likely to thrive in her music career as she writes songs with a lot of emotion due to her unique experiences from childhood. Welcome to Plathville Fans watched as Moriah went from singing in her closet to performing in front of a crowd and recording her singles for thousands of monthly listeners.