Welcome to Plathville Fans Think Moriah is Casting a Shadow on Instagram


Recently, fans of “Welcome to Plattville” noticed that Moriah Platt was acting a little suspicious on her Instagram. The aspiring singer has always given the impression of being sweet and innocent, but some of her strokes seem quite calculated. Now fans are trying to guess who Moriah really means in his posts.

From day one, Moriah tried to distance herself from her strict family. She and her eight siblings were brought up according to strict conservative rules that Kim and Barry Plath came up with. Some restrictions included a ban on sugar, TV, or video games. Despite all this, Moria shone brightly, applying makeup and coming up with her fashion sense. The blonde always seemed to have a heart of gold, and she was kind to everyone she met. Recently, however, fans believe that she is following a dark path that involves casting a shadow.

Recently, Moriah posted a meme shared by Redditor user u/sunnybunster, which said that you can’t heal a person who uses his pain to constantly hurt you. In big bold letters under the mood she wrote: “READ IT AGAIN.” The shadow was strong in the “Welcome to Platteville” star, and many believed it was aimed at getting Kim’s attention. But others felt it was a diss towards Moriah’s so-called best friend, Olivia Plath. Ethan’s wife just posted a story on Instagram saying that people should be careful about who they surround themselves with. It seemed to many that a cat fight was about to break out.

Fans have pointed out that it’s not anyone’s job to treat anyone else, and they feel that Moriah may have forgotten who helped her the most when she tried to get away from Kim and Barry. Moria’s post was extremely short-sighted, as she had to be completely self-sufficient before aiming any shadow at Olivia. Fans have watched this season as Moriah has barely helped around the house and refused to do her housework. Although there may be problems among friends, viewers believe that none of them should send cryptic memes.

Welcome to Plattville! Fans have recently watched Olivia and Moriah butt heads because of the tantrums of the redhead. Obviously, Moria is tired of walking on eggshells with her daughter-in-law. While Moriah may be right about this aspect, she shouldn’t post weird memes strategically to get her point across. Fans hope that the two will be able to reconcile and will not cast any more shadows for a while.


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