Welcome to Plathville Fans Claim Kim and Barry Aren’t Educated Enough For Their Kids


Viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” feel that Kim and Barry Platt let their children down when they decided to teach them at home. Children don’t know much about history, as their education was extremely limited. Now fans believe that older children are at a disadvantage without a proper high school certificate.

Reality TV stars Kim and Barry have always been under scrutiny when it came to raising their nine children. The spouses, who allowed themselves the privilege of getting a higher education, protected the children from the real world. Parents did not allow sugar, video games and TV in the family home. The conservative family grew up away from big cities on a secluded farm so that the children would not get lost. For four seasons, viewers of “Welcome to Platteville” noted that children miss the opportunity to study social signals and often cannot answer simple quiz questions.

As viewers of “Welcome to Plattville” learned early on, none of the nine Platt children had ever had a formal education, as Kim and Barry did not want them to acquire bad habits in public school. Kim has always believed that her children will learn more under her watchful eye than ever at a desk. Kim even asked her daughter Hosana to go to college on a music scholarship. Last season, the producers asked Mika, Ethan and Moria about their elementary school education, but could not answer any of them, leaving the audience feeling that they had been let down. At the time, a Cattilibbie fan and others took to Reddit to share that the Boards were “uneducated.” Some fans called the situation “terrifying” and “ridiculous.” One viewer claimed that Kim did this to “control” her children.

Some of the questions were very simple: one producer asked the Plath children what they knew about the Declaration of Independence. While Moria and Mika joked about the question, Ethan looked visibly upset with himself. It seems that the “Welcome to Plattville” star used a child-centered approach to education, and every Platt child was focused on hobbies. For example, Ethan was fond of cars, Mika was engaged in agriculture, Hosana was fond of music, and Moria loved to dance. Unfortunately, the state of Georgia has very limited home schooling rules. Most viewers of “Welcome to Platteville” agree that subjects such as reading, math and science should have been prioritized.

In the last season, Ethan again wondered why he was not taught everyday knowledge of American and world history. Many fans of “Welcome to Platteville” noted that if the TLC show had not taken place, the children could have stayed working in a small town for life. Let’s hope that the Boards will take time to learn and focus on the younger children at home who still have a chance to learn.


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